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Behomm home exchange

Behomm is the first worldwide home exchange website for designers and visual artists only. Launched in 2013 by two graphic designers from Barcelona it has quickly established itself as the accommodation site of choice for creative types across the globe -it already had 1000 homes..and counting!


If you fancy going somewhere for a weekend, a week or a month, check out the Behomm website to see if there is a home in the city you want to travel and get in touch with the owners. The premise is they will have to stay in your place while you stay in theirs.

There are some seriously beautiful homes on this site and they are all owned by designers, artists, architects, film makers, art directors.. and the list of creatives goes on.


Membership is by invitation only and you pay an annual fee to join Behomm which gives you access to communication with the owners so you can exchange homes all year round (they are currently offering a free trial period) and 5% of the sites profits are donated to Architecture for Humanity which seeks design and solutions to humanitarian crisis.

The appeal of Behomm extends beyond the visual beauty as the site actively encourages its members to get know to each other and to meet up if possible at either end of the exchange (this may not be appealing to all!)

According to Kathleen Boonen a ‘Behommer’ from Barcelona “As a welcome, we left some homemade bread, fresh flowers, and some suggestions for the kids, all personal touches. When we returned, we met up in our flat and shared breakfast, chatting and discovering all that we have in common, it felt like meeting up with friends”.


Click here to go to the site, see the amazing homes and register!

1. Madrid | 2. Japan | 3. Italy | 4. Mexico | 5. Brooklyn | 6. London


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