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9 of the Best Fish Platters


Hi All!

As it turns out, I love fish platters. That is: a platter that looks like a fish and the kind that one would serve a whole roasted fish to your guests on when you have a dinner party…

They’re a bit quirky and old school and that’s why I like them!

I have researched nine of the best fish platters that would suit different people’s design tastes. Number 6 is your traditional platter. It is large enough to place a bed of banana leaves underneath and serve it Donna Hay style. Number 9 is more contemporary. You could serve quite a number of canapés on this one as it has a large surface area. Number 4 is perfect for outdoor entertaining as it’s made from trusty melamine. Number 2 has a minimal feel with the white textured finish. It would be beautiful to serve a slightly smaller, whole fish like the one in this recipe here. Number 2 even comes with a little dipping bowl for your chosen sauce!

I hope you see something you like here- they are perfect for summer entertaining!


1. Fish platter in glazed clay, Etsy | 2. Fish platter with dipping bowl in ceramic, Bliss Home and Design | 3. Navy fish plate, Linea at House of Fraser | 4. Fish platter in melamine, The Mad Platters at Etsy | 5. Nordic brush stroke fish platter in earthenware, John Lewis | 6. Glass fish plate, Muurla at SCP | 7.Hand painted fish platter, Bonanza | 8. Wilko Neptune fish plate, Boopli | 9. Virginia Casa Marina dinnerware, Heal’s.


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